STEEL components Assessment

using a novel non-destructive Residual stress ultrasonic

This project has received funding from the European Union’s

Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS) programme

under Grant Agreement  No 101033790

What is STEELAR?

STEELAR’s main goal is to develop and validate an innovative non-destructive solution, based on a novel ultrasonic EMAT technology, to measure residual stress levels on steel components, providing decision-aiding information to manufacturers.

STEELAR will be able to assess residual stress in:

  • Steel rolling rolls during their manufacturing process and in-service life.
  • Steel products during different steps of the manufacturing process chain: continuous casting billets and rolled bars.

STEELAR will provide rolling rolls and steel manufacturers with a technology able to ensure their products’ quality, to guarantee safety in steel milling lines and to perform predictive maintenance tasks that will reduce line’s downtime, extend line’s lifetime and minimize production and maintenance costs.

Roll manufacturing

Casting billets

Casting rolled bars

A ground-breaking innovation and a change of paradigm in the steel industry

Providing a novel and reliable inspection technology able to accurately assess residual stress in steel rolling rolls (manufacturing and in-service life) and during rolled bars’ production cycle.

STEELAR's objectives

  • Enhance steel products durability and safety
  • Improve steel manufacturing
  • Minimize production downtime and maintenance costs
  • Increase operational health and safety
  • Enhance steel manufacturers reputation
  • Save more
  • Efficient use of resources and reduction in CO2 emissions

STEELAR's consortium

Members of the consortium to develop this new technology.